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Visit Arthur's Car Wash for a Car Wash

I have 8 bays at Arthur’s Car Wash & Convenience, which are always kept exceptionally tidy. My detergents and soaps are of the highest quality, which work well with the higher than average pressure coming out of the wands.
The vacuums here are also quite strong.
Arthur’s is one of the longer running coin washes in Edmonton. The clientele here seems to appreciate the bit of extra time they receive per dollar.
I’m also happy to offer timed washes to most that ask. Maybe they’ve got a tough job to do with a dirty pick-up or RV, and would like to get down to business rather than dispense loonies into the machine.
My overhead doors are 16ft tall, so larger trucks, RV’s, and construction vehicles can maneuver in and out easily.
car in front of Arthur's Car Wash

What makes this place so great for those who swing by regularly- is the atmosphere here at the car wash. 

I’ve sourced a handful of local artists to cover the interior of the wash area almost completely in murals and street art.

I hope to attract Edmontonians from all around our city to have an experience unique to any other car wash they’ve visited.

Arthur’s is a great place for cool selfies, a nice shot of your hotrod, or for anyone just looking to take in some fantastic local art.

The sound system inside the carwash is also a nice touch. There’s something about a Wednesday evening in here..when two or three customers are quietly wiping down their dashboards after a rinse, and lofi-hiphop, funk, pop or electronic music is set to the perfect volume in the background.

West Edmonton’s Premiere Car Wash